How did I accidentally adopt a pit bull?

Our beloved cat was eaten by a coyote. ūüė¶ I know right!?! ¬†A coyote!

And our dog was really sad¬†when¬†the cat¬†didn’t come home. He was totally depressed.¬†He just moped around the house and he didn’t even really seem to look for her — somehow he already knew she was gone.¬†It was obvious we needed to adopt another pet so he wouldn’t be so sad and lonely.¬†And we agreed to get a dog instead of a cat, since the cat may just end up getting eaten again.

We went to the doggie jail and looked at several dogs, walked them and played with them. I didn’t even look at the pit bulls. I have kids, one of them has autism —¬†no way we would want a ¬†pit bull.

As I walked by the cages one dog stood out because she wasn’t barking. All of the other dogs were jumping and barking but she was just sitting there quietly looking at me. The paper on her cage said she was a Tibetan Terrier mix. She was so cute. We walked her and played with her and she seemed to be a really sweet dog.

I had no idea what a Tibetan Terrier was. We went to lunch and talked about it and decided to adopt her. I was so excited and went back to get her.

This is a Tibetan Terrier:

This is a pit bull:

Pretty big difference – right? Yeah so this is the dog I adopted:


She looks just like a … Tibetan Terrier, right?

Yeah, I thought so too.

So after accepting the fact that I accidentally adopted a pit bull I started researching the breed and found out they are great family dogs. They are sweet, loving, loyal, good with kids, great guard dogs, they love human interaction and are just big loves. We assume they are aggressive dogs, but they have been great family dogs throughout history and have just recently received such a bad reputation.

Another lesson on why¬†I shouldn’t ever judge someone, or somedog. I should have never judged the pit bulls — ¬†and I feel bad for not even looking at the cages with pit bulls in them.

I am very glad I accidentally adopted one, she is a very welcome addition to our family and such a good girl.

August 2020