The House That Autism Built

I used to be such an organized person. If I wanted to find something, I knew exactly where it was. And I would spend time cleaning and arranging the china cabinet — and sit back and admire my nice, clean, organized house.

Then my son came along…

.. and yeah, we don’t have a china cabinet anymore and all of the china, passed down for generations on my husband’s side,  is tucked away in a box for safe keeping.

At first he was the easiest baby. I could put him anywhere and he would stay put and be happy. Sometimes he would be so quiet and content I would think I forgot him and check the car seat or stroller to make sure he was  there.

That was for about the first 6 months of his life. From the moment he was able to move around he started testing his limits. He became determined to climb everything and he would try to walk and then fall. I even bought him a helmet (Bumper Bonnet – we loved the Bumper Bonnet!)

I understand certain opinions one may have about this ... but he never wore it in public, and he loved it cause when he fell it didn't hurt.


He started walking at 9 months.

And pretty much since then the level of chaos and destruction has grown exponentially by the day.

My son has super-human climbing and balance skills… and he is always working on improving his craft:

And of course he keeps the messes interesting:

And so here I am… I have about an hour before I have to get the kids from school, and I should be cleaning “the house that autism built”. But it’s so hard to get motivated to clean the same messes again and again. So instead I will just sit here and write about how I should be cleaning. Good plan, eh? 🙂

August 2020