November Update

Sorry it has been so long  – I am not a very good blogger. I just don’t have the time to write. But I want to continue to share our story so I will try to update as much as possible.

Hercules is doing great. He still has moments of self injury but his head is almost all healed now from the head wound that he wouldnt leave alone and that would never heal.

He has a meltdown last week, a really big one, lots of banging his head – but those nights are rare and since then we have had nothing but good days.

Self injury remains but it is much less than before. He barely has any wounds on him unlike before when he was covered in scabs from picking and had sores and bald spots all over his head from pulling. I will add some pics soon but he looks great.

Aggression continues to be absent! He has had a few moments when he is being a brat and does like a fake grab to get a reaction – but that is pretty typical teenage trying to make his parents nuts behavior. He hasnt hurt me or anyone else in a very long time. And that is so big and so amazing. Before cannabis aggression was daily and sometimes seemed like all day long. Now it is absent!

I have learned that he could use a much bigger dose, but it is so expensive that is hard to afford. He takes 10 – 30mg of THC oil 2-3 times a day lately, and that is working great. He does much better in the 20-30mg range but I try to give him 10 if he is having a good day to save it for when we really need the big doses.

I will update more later – I hear crashing sounds coming from the living room :/

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November 2018
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